Our school in Kok Krasaing

  • The school

    The KOK KROSAING ENGLISH SCHOOL visit about 250 children (of different ages), which also serves as a retreat, playground, food and helper in need. The children take long walks on the very early morning in almost every weather condition to visit our school.

    There is no compulsory education in Cambodia. Therefore, some of the children have never seen a school from the inside, since the parents are either too poor or the children have to work very early to feed the family.

    At the moment we have 3 teachers in the school who teach and supervise the children. This starts with the smallest children in the kindergarten with about 3 years and goes on the age until 17 years. We English, reading, writing and computer courses.

    The school premises also offer the children the opportunity to play with each other undisturbed. As far as our financial situation is concerned, we always try to find new toys and teaching materials. Even the sanitary facilities, such as toilets and wash basins were something new for many children.


  • Sothy und Roger Sun

    Sothy and Roger had long to note that it is almost impossible for poor families to send their children to school. This is precisely why they started teaching a few children from the area to their Guesthouse. After a short time a small school was rented to handle the demand of the children. Also the soon bursting at the seams and thy decided to buy a land to build a school for themselves.

Support us!

  • Sponsor a student

    You can support a student and Sothy and Roger, our “good souls” will choose a students who needs, because they know the circumstances of the families and know where the need is greatest.

    This personal sponsorship means for the child to visit our school, to receive all school materials, a breakfast, a small pocket money, as well as the possibility to learn and play in a protected environment.


    min. 15 € / Month
  • Sponsor a teacher

    Our teachers are the key to the success of the children. Currently we employ 3 teachers in our school, although we urgently need 5 teachers. However, we lack the necessary financial resources. With a teacher sponsorship, you take over the salary of a teacher and give us the security to be able to deal with it in the long term at our school.

    min. 120 € / Month
  • Sponsor the school

    Another important type of sponsorship is our school sponsorship, with the project supporting nonsponsored children and poor families. We need these grants very urgently, since the school also caters many children “with food, medication and much attention” who have no sponsors. Children’s families are not left in distress. It is almost impossible to send children away, who are standing in front of the school gate in the morning with growling stomachs.

    min. 15 € / Month

Commodity contributions

With all gratitude – Not everything the children or the Cambodian society receive as gifts and donations in kind is also useful. So you can buy clothes, shoes, school books, etc. much cheaper in Cambodia. On top of this is the fact that the domestic economy benefits from buying goods manufactured in Cambodia.

If you are looking for a commodity contributions to the local community in Siem Reap (eg computer, printer eg.), please contact us. We will inform you of what is urgently needed and / or provide you with appropriate tips.

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  • Some facts

    • founded 2009
    • 250 Students
    • 4 Classrooms
    • 1 Computerrrom
    • 1 Library
    • 100 Breakfasts / Day
    • 100 Sponsors for students
    • 25 Sponsors for school
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